Proactiv: 30 Day Review

Do you ever get so excited about a product that you feel let down when it doesn’t work how you want it to? Well, that’s what has happened to me after trying Proactiv. I have suffered with really bad acne from a young age. I have tried countless medications and creams from the doctors, and I even went on a 9 month steroid treatment which did make such a huge difference in my skin, yet hasn’t prevented me from breaking out. I still suffer from acne in certain areas of my skin, and I have been after something for such a long time to help deal with my spot prone skin. When I heard about Proactiv and how great it was for those with skin like mine I just had to try it. I purchased a 3 step kit just over a month ago and I have been trying it out ever since.


Don’t get me wrong this product isn’t terrible, it leaves me skin feeling so smooth afterwards and has worked wonders on the pores on my nose, however it has done next to nothing for my spots. I apply the Proactiv Skin Smoothing Exfoliator Facial Wash all over my face and gently massage into my skin, to get rid of any dead skin and clean all the dirt on my face. This isn’t harsh at all on my sensitive skin, and has made a difference as it leaves my skin feeling much softer and smoother.


Next, I use the Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream. I apply the tiniest amount onto my hand and massage it into the skin, mainly focusing on the areas which are spot prone. This cream feels very smooth and gentle on my skin, and has cleared the pore on my noses, yet it hasn’t really done much at all in terms of my spots. They haven’t decreased or disappeared, but have remained or continued to grow. My forehead has really cleared up and I haven’t suffered with spots in this area, but down the sides of my face and around my chin I still have.


Finally, I apply the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator Facial Moisturiser. The smell of this moisturiser really puts me off it as it has a cheesy biscuit sort of smell, which isn’t the best. However, despite the smell it is very hydrating as it’s quite a thick consistency so has kept my skin soft and hydrated. It also stopped it from drying out after using the facial wash and facial cream.


Unfortunately, I have had to cancel my subscription with Proactiv and I will not be re-purchasing from them again. It’s a shame that these products didn’t do anything for my acne, as it has left me skin much softer and smoother in certain areas so it wasn’t all bad. Not every product works for everyone and unfortunately Proactiv didn’t work for me. If you have tried Proactiv, let me know your thoughts on their products in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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