The Ordinary Skincare Review

If you have read my blog for a while now you will now I suffer from oily and acne prone skin, so I always reach for skincare that targets these areas. When the hype surrounding The Ordinary skincare was circulating across social media, I knew I just had to get my hands on some products to try them out. After much deliberation I went for the Vitamin C Suspension and the Lactic Acid. I love how cheap these skincare products, yet a small price can sometimes mean the products aren’t high quality or don’t work, however that is such a different story with these products.


Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%


The vitamin C suspension is suppose to get rid of signs of ageing,  hydrate the skin and create a dewy and brightening finish. As for the ageing aspects of this product, I don’t notice any difference as I don’t suffer from any fine lines or wrinkles, however for the other 2 aspects it really does seem to work. I have noticed my skin to feel and look brighter, healthier and more dewy ever since using this product and it stops my skin from drying out, especially after using the acid and during the colder seasons. It has quite a strong tingling sensation which can be really annoying and awkward at first, but when it settles it feels really soothing. Although this product does work, I feel like I wouldn’t repurchase this as I feel like it’s an unnecessary step in my skincare and does the same job as a moisturiser.

Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%


The lactic acid is a peeling formulation, that is catered at exfoliating the skin in order to get rid of any blemishes or acne and keep the skin feeling fresh. I am so impressed with this product as it does exactly this. My skin feels so smooth after using this and looks very dewy creating a flawless base for my makeup. I have also noticed an appearance in my blemishes and acne, as they have slowly started to die down or completely disappear in some areas. I use to suffer really bad with spots on my forehead and I now seem to not get any in this area, thanks to this product as well as other skincare items. The only downside is the smell, as it has quite a strong syrup scent, however once on the skin you can’t really tell. I love this product, and I know I will be using this for a while especially as a little certainly goes a long way.

Have you tried any products from The Ordinary?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X





13 thoughts on “The Ordinary Skincare Review

  1. I’m an aesthetic practitioner and thought I’d give these a go as I’m used to some bank breaking products and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, whilst the hyaluronic acid doesn’t quite hydrate my skin enough and can leave my skin feeling itchy, I absolutely love the peeling solution! A brilliant brand for a few extras on to a decent skincare routine

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