Ballie Ballerson- The Coolest Bar in London

Have you ever dreamed of sipping on cocktails while in a massive ball pit, then Ballie Ballerson is the place for you. Situated in Shoreditch London, Ballie Ballerson is a world famous ball pit bar filled with 1 million balls and sell the cutest and most delicious cocktails, that are sweet themed. It is the ultimate place for every kid at heart and so Instagramable.

The aesthetic is super cool, with UV designed paintings among the walls, a glow in the dark ball pit room and a window view ball pit filled with colourful balls. Even from the outside with the windows filled with some many balls, you know that you are in for a treat. It’s a 2 hour experience, which you must book in advance, as it sells out very quickly and that gives you plenty of time to sip on some cocktails, have a game of beer pong and enjoy yourself in the ball pits. I went on a Monday night which is student night so only £1 entry and 30% off drinks, however entry is usually around £8-£9 on weekdays and can be anywhere between £15-£20 on a weekend, with drinks being full price.

Me and my friends decided to go for the cocktail The Fluffer which was £7 instead of £9, and is very similar to a Porn Star Martini. It was so good and I would definitely purchase it again. I was however a little disappointed with how small the cocktail was, it was literally gone in 2 mouthfuls and made me question if it was even worth it for this reason. You did get a shot of prosecco with it though to pour into your drink, however we decided to shot it instead. Yet I guess it’s standard for cocktails.

The bar staff were really friendly and made sure we knew all about the different drinks and which ones were on offer, which made our experience much more enjoyable. As for the security we were so disappointed as they were so rude to us while waiting in the queue, and were being very cocky.

Overall, we had such a great night and I am already planning to visit again very soon. So if you live in London, or are planning on visiting soon then I would certainly recommend you check Ballie Ballerson if you are looking for somewhere for a night out.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X




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