Valentines and 3 Year Anniversary Getaway in Nice- Day 1

If you follow any of my socials then you may have seen that I surprised Ben for both Valentines and our 3 year anniversary, by taking us away to Nice in the French Riviera. After Bens parents visited Nice for the first time last year, we knew it was somewhere we both wanted to go and this was the perfect opportunity for us to have a long weekend away in the Sun. I can officially say I fallen in love with Nice, it was such a beautiful place and we are already planning on heading back.

Day 1 (14th Feb 2019)

It was a early start, having to get up at 4:00am to head to the airport for our 8:40 flight. Due to traffic control, our flight ended up being delayed, however we still managed to arrive in Nice in good time and only 50 minutes later than we were meant to. When we arrived at 12ish, the sun was shining and we could not wait to start exploring.

We headed to the hotel straight away, to drop our bags off as check in wasn’t until 3pm and then headed straight to the Promenade. Our hotel was only a 10-15 minute walk away, so in the perfect location. I was honestly blown away by the views, in such awe of how beautiful it was and how crystal clear/blue the sea was. We had a nice stroll along the beach, taking in the views and red hot sun. We were so lucky to 17 degree weather! Before heading up to the famous Parc du Chateau.

It was a uphill walk, up stairs and banks to get to the top for the waterfall and breathtaking views of the city. We then headed down towards the port to check out all the Yachts. I couldn’t get over how big and luxurious some of them were, the biggest one being 250 million, which everyone was snapping pictures of.

We then decided to head back to the Promenade for a drink in the Sun, in which we got the chance to see the famous #ILoveNice sign on the way. We went to a bar which had an upstairs balcony that looked over onto the beach, I had a cocktail while Ben had a vodka coke. Once we had finished our drinks and chilled for a bit after all the walking, we headed back to the hotel to check in, see our room for the first time and get ready for the evening.

We stayed in Hotel So’Co, which was a Vintage Boutique hotel in the centre of Nice, only a 2 minute walk from the station, a 10-15 minute walk from the Promenade and a 15 minute walk to the Town, it really was the perfect location. We loved our stay here, they provided gluten free breakfast options for Ben, had housekeeping in every day to tidy your room if you wished and they were so accommodating for our needs. We will definitely be staying there again.

As it was Valentines Day, we headed out for a meal in the evening, Ben is Coealic, so whenever we go to a restaurant we have to always ensure there is something he can eat or if they have gluten free options. We noticed there was a Hard Rock Cafe on the Promenade, so we decided to head there. Us being naive didn’t realise how busy it would be and it was gonna be a 40 minute wait for a table or we had the option to sit outside, so we decided to do that. However, as we didn’t book a table and the restaurant was so busy, they kept forgetting about us and we ended up nearly walking out and having to wait over an hour for our food. The staff were so lovely and patient with us and ended up giving us 50% off our meal, which was so nice of them. We both really enjoyed the food, however and were so full afterwards. By this point it was getting late and we were tired from the long day, so headed back to the hotel for an early night, ready for the next day.

Day 1 was such a fab day and I am so glad we got to celebrate Valentines in such a beautiful place, we are so lucky!! Stay tuned for Day 2.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



8 thoughts on “Valentines and 3 Year Anniversary Getaway in Nice- Day 1

  1. Omg this is so so sweet that you treated him to a trip away. It looks like you had so much fun and I have loved keeping up to date with your adventures on your insta!! Happy belated anniversary too girly! xxx

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