Valentines and 3 Year Anniversary Getaway in Nice- Day 2

For our 2nd day in Nice, we decided to head to Monaco/Monte Carlo. My Selena Gomez dreams all came true, getting the chance to visit Monaco. We got up early, as we knew we wanted to get the train as earlier as we could, so we could have the whole day their. So, we got ready, ate our breakfast, and then headed straight to the station. Our hotel was only around a 2 minute walk from the station so we were very lucky. We purchased our tickets to Monaco on the Trainline app and it was only £3 for a single or £6 for a return. Our train was at 10:30am and we arrived at Monaco at 11:00am.

Once we arrived at Monaco, Ben wanted to head to the F1 track. Ben is a massive F1 fan, so he was like an excited little kid, knowing he was going to get to walk the Monaco Grand Prix track. I don’t know anything about F1, so I had no idea that the track was just around the streets of Monaco. Thankfully, Ben knew the track like the back of his hand, so he led the way and we walked around the “hairpins” and along the “chicanes”. It was a nice walk taking in the city, walking past the famous casino square and walking along the port.

We then decided to stop for some drinks alongside the port, it was such a beautiful day and the sun was shining as we enjoyed cocktails. We both had 2 sex on the beaches, which were the best sex on the beach cocktails I have ever had and tasted like rocket lollies. It was so refreshing! Once we had finished up or drinks and basked in the sun, we decided to head back to Casino Square, to explore it properly this time, as we never got the chance to earlier. We both wished we were dressed up enough to head inside the Casinos, as it’s meant to be a great experience, so we will definitely do it the next time. However, seeing all the Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Range Rovers, lined up outside all the Casinos was such a surreal experience. We looked around all the designer boutiques and played a little game of guessing the price of everything.

We then headed into the town to explore the city so more. By this point we started to get hungry, so tried to find somewhere to eat. It was nightmare finding somewhere suitable for Ben to eat, as most places don’t do Gluten Free, so we decided to head back to Nice to the hotel. While on the way we got some snacks, before we headed out for a meal for the night.

We found this gluten free Italian restaurant down by the port in Nice called Gigi Tavola, so we booked a table there as after the previous nights commotion, we wanted to ensure we would get a table. So once, we were ready we got an Uber to the Port. The Uber driver was so nice and offered us both a bottle of water and gave us some sweets, bless him! We arrived at Gigi Tavola at 8:30pm and it was actually not as busy as we expected, but we were glad we booked a table just in case. I loved the whole decor and vibe of the restaurant, the staff were so lovely and their English was great! For drinks I had a cocktail and Ben had a vodka and coke, and for the meal we both ordered pizza, I went for a Peppercorn and Ben had a gluten free Margarita. I was honestly so hungry and ended up demolishing the whole thing, it was so nice! I also tried Ben’s Gluten Free pizza, to see how it compared and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I would 100% recommend this restaurant and we will definitely be going back there on our next visit.

After we had finished our meal, we decided to have a walk along the port and down the Promenade. It was a lovely evening and it was nice to take in the city on a night. We then started to get tired after the long day, so headed back to the hotel for the night.

Have you ever visited Monaco?

Stay tuned for Day 3!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X




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