Valentines and 3 Year Anniversary Getaway in Nice- Day 3


For our 3rd day in the gorgeous French Riviera, we decided to head to Cannes. We had a slow start getting ready and having our breakfast, before deciding to head down to the Promenade before we went to Cannes. This is because while we were their one of the worlds most famous carnivals was taking part in Nice; which we both didn’t realise or know about until we had got there, so we wanted to get tickets for the parade of lights that was happening on the night.


We headed straight to the ticket booths that were along the Pier and purchased our tickets. They were 12 euros each for Zone A, which I would totally recommend if you ever visit during their Carnival, as you get the best view from this Zone. We do wish we got seated seats, however it was just as good standing and we know for the next time. Once we had purchased our tickets, we had a stroll along the beach before heading to the train station to make our way to Cannes.


We arrived in Cannes at dinner time and had a walk along the beach. It was such a lovely day once again, so it was nice to explore the beach and port, and take in all the pretty views. We then decided to explore the town, seeing designer shop after designer shop. As well as the building where they hold the famous Cannes Film Festival every year. By this point we were starting to get hungry so we headed to McDonalds to have a snack. After we had finished eating, we explored Cannes a little more.


We headed back to the hotel by this point so we could get ready for the Carnival. We had to be their an hour before the parade started to make sure we got through the security and everything. Once we got past security and into the area where the parade was taking place, we decided to explore what was on offer. They had a Ferris wheel, so we thought it would be fun to go on and see the views of the whole city at night. It was 8 euros each which wasn’t bad at all. I was honestly so terrified at first as I have such a fear of heights, but after a while I was so at ease and started really enjoying it more.


After we had came off the Ferris Wheel, we headed back to back to where the carnival was taking place to get a good view. The carnival was amazing and one of the best experiences we both got to experience and a definite highlight of the trip. We both loved it and couldn’t get over how amazing the floats were. One thing we would say is if we went again during the time of the carnival then we would get seats, as we missed watching the dance performances, as we couldn’t see them.

Once the carnival was coming to a close and it was starting to get late, we decided to head back to the hotel to get some rest before our last day.

Day 3 was such a fun day!! Stay tuned for our final day in Nice!

P.S: I’m really sorry about the quality of the photos, my phone got stolen last week, so I have had to take all the photos from Facebook wahhh:((((

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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