Valentines and 3 Year Anniversary Getaway in Nice- Day 4/Final Day

Day 4 was our final day in the beautiful Nice. We had the whole day as our flight wasn’t until 9:30pm, so we were very lucky. However, it was filled with sadness as we did not want to leave this beautiful place.

We woke up early, as today was the day of our 3rd year anniversary, so we were both feeling super loved up and lucky to be spending it in a gorgeous place in the sun. We got ready, headed for breakfast and got all our stuff packed, before heading downstairs to check out. We decided to keep our suitcases at the reception, which the lovely staff allowed us to do as we had the whole day to explore and we didn’t want to be dragging our cases around with us.


We decided to head to the town, as we hadn’t had a chance to see this part of Nice, it is only a 10-15 minute walk from our hotel so it was easy to get to. We walked all the way down the street from the top to the bottom, reaching the square where the carnival took place the night before. It was cool to get the chance to see it in the light. We decided to go back on the Ferris Wheel again, as it would be cool to see the views in the day time. While on the Ferris Wheel we noticed a little area near by that had water fountains, so once we had finished our ride, we headed there.

The water fountains were so cool and they did a little show. You can literally stand right next to them as they are on and you don’t even get. I was well scared to stand next to them in case I got soaked, but once I saw Ben didn’t I joined him. We had seen loads of people riding bikes, as by the Promenade they have bikes in which you can pay to use for the day, so we decided to hire some. We had an absolute nightmare trying to hire a bike, as it was so complicated to set up, so we eventually gave up after like half an hour of trying, which was annoying. It was such a shame!


By this point we started to get hungry, so headed to find somewhere to eat. As I have stated in a previous post, we found it really hard to find places for Ben to eat, so we decided to head back to the Hard Rock Cafe, to allow them to redeem themselves from the disaster we had on Valentines Day and as we knew Ben could eat there. I ordered the Original Legendary Burger and Ben went for a Steak. It was honestly amazing the food was unreal and the drinks were sooo good!! It was one of the best meals of the trip.


We then explored the city so more, wandering the streets and stumbling across a shopping mall that was filled with outfits from previous Carnivals. We really wanted to do a bus tour or a train ride tour, however we didn’t have enough time, so we will definitely be doing this the next time. Before heading back to the hotel to grab out suitcases.


Me and Ben decided to walk to the airport, as Ben’s dad said it’s only at the end of the Promenade so would only be a short walk. It was sunset by this point, so it was such a lovely day still and the views were gorgeous as we walked along the promenade. Once we reached the end of the Promenade and we could see the runway, I googled mapped the way we needed to go from here, so that we didn’t get lost and it said it was still another 45 minute walk until we got to the airport. After walking around 20-30 minutes by this point to reach the end of the Promenade, me and Ben thought that google maps was lying, as we were so confused, until we realised that the promenade only leads to the start of the runway, so we still had the whole runway to walk. So, off we went dragging our suitcases as we embarked on the quest to reach the airport, not one of our finest moments and we truly blamed Ben’s dad in this instance ahaahah. After what felt like we had walked for forever, we finally reached the airport, it was a good job we left with plenty of time to spare.

We were so sad to be leaving and heading back to England, but we had the most amazing holiday and it was such a Nice (pardon the pun) long weekend away celebrating. We already want to go back and can’t wait for our next holiday in the Summer.

P.S: Sorry about the quality of images!!

Have you ever visited the French Riviera?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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