My European Travel Bucket List

I am at the stage in my life in which everything is all getting a bit too much and I just want to sack everything off and travel the world, is anyone with me? The idea of travelling the world and exploring new countries and cultures is always something I have wanted to do. I have so many countries, cities and places I want to visit all over the world. So I thought I would share a few on my list within Europe.



I have always dreamed of visiting Paris, I have been to Disneyland Paris twice, however I have never had the chance to visit the City. It is one of the most romantic and pretty places and I really want to see the Eiffel Tower. Me and Ben are hoping to visit at some point this year, so fingers crossed we get the chance. Prepare for lots of pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and on the love lock bridge.


From its many canals, to the Anne Frank house, to the famous Amsterdam sign, to that Fault in our Stars bench, a lot have things have made me want to visit Amsterdam. A place full of culture and a real eye opener with its red light district, I need to visit the Dam! I would love to do a long weekend here in the future.


A place that I never thought of visiting up until recently, after seeing so many people visit over the past year and rave about how beautiful it is. It has now made it to my European bucket list. One thing I really want to visit if I get the chance to go there is the Szechenyi Spa, it looks amazing! A trip to Hungary anyone?


Prague, Czech?? Another place that has recently been added to the list, especially as it’s meant to be super cheap which is good for a student like me on a budget. A river cruise, a visit to Prague castle and Old Town and a drink at the sky bar, are a few things on my list to do while in Prague.


I absolutely love Italy, after visiting Rome last year it has made me want to visit so many places in this beautiful country. Venice is top of my list and I am always in awe of how amazing and gorgeous it looks from every photo I have seen. Just imagine waking up and having breakfast by the canal, the dream! There is one thing you can’t visit Venice without doing and that is a gondola ride. Although quite pricey, it seems 100% worth it to explore the city.


Krakow is known for the horrendous acts of Hitler on the Jews within Auschwitz, which today is a main tourist attraction to this pretty place, as people pay tribute to the lives of those beautiful people who did not deserve die. One of the main reasons I would love to visit this historic place, to see the Auschwitz camps and also the Salt mines.


Last but certainly not least, Barcelona. Barcelona looks absolutely beautiful due to it’s amazing architecture, especially the Sagrada Familia which is must see. Park Guell is another place I would love to see in Barcelona. The Summer is definitely the best time to visit this beaut country, as it is guaranteed to be 30 degree heat. Barcelona this Summer, anyone wanna join?

I am very lucky to be travelling to 2 new places in Europe over the Summer, I am heading on a cruise around Greece in August with my mam, sisters and grandparents and then to Portugal with Ben for his 21st. So stay tuned for more travel posts over the Summer.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X




6 thoughts on “My European Travel Bucket List

  1. Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris are must-have places to visit whilst you are still young and they all offer student discounts or under 25 discounts (handy when you see the price you would have to pay without!). I would recommend Barcelona first of all as it has a good nightlife as well as a lovely beach to hang out on as the hungover wears off. Paris is absolutely stunning whereas Amsterdam is very cultural with lots to do and see. All are perfect for a long weekend away. xx

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